Wellcome Centre Microscopy Course

Advanced Microscopy Course Details

Course Registration Open October 7th 2022


Course TimeTable
  Monday Oct 31st  
9am Ken Sawin - Image Formation Swann 7.20
10.30am Ken Sawin - Contrast Methods Swann 7.20
1pm David Kelly & Alison Pidoux - Brightfield Practicals COIL, Swann 2.13
  Tuesday November 1st  
9am Hiro Okura - Fluorescence Swann 7.15
10am Hiro Okura - Fluorescence Microscopy Swann 7.15
11.15am Patrick Heun - Live Cell Imaging Swann 7.15
1pm David Kelly - Confocal Microscopy Swann 7.15
2.15pm David Kelly & Alison Pidoux - Fluorescence Practical COIL, Swann 2.13
  Wednesday November 2nd  
9am Rolly Weigand - Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy (TIRFM) Murchison, G.05
10am Rolly Weigand - Super Resolution Microscopy Murchison, G.05
11.15am Nicolas Sergent - FCS and FRAP Murchison, G.05
1pm Confocal, Widefield and TIRF Practicals COIL, Swann 2.13
  Thursday November 3rd  
9am Fernanda Cisneros Soberanis - Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy Swann 7.15
10.30am Toni McHugh - C-Trap Optical Tweezers Swann 7.15
1pm David Kelly/Toni McHugh - Image Analysis Practical (ImageJ) COIL, Swann 2.13