DNA in is shown in blue, depending on the stage of cell division you can see the chromosomes well defined, the tubulin/microtubules are labelled red (filaments that form the mitotic spindle, structure that helps the cell segregate its genetic material, DNA, equally into the 2 daughter cells during mitosis) the green channel is a protein that is called Naf 1 which is a protein found in centrosomes, that are the microtubule organising centres. The microtubules are generated from the centrosomes, and they are also important structures necessary for the accurate distribution of the genetic material during cell division.

3 hour timelapse movie taken on the Zeiss LSM880 Airyscan showing a cell undergoing mitosis (cell division): you can see the tubulin/microtubules in green and the DNA in red.

Dynamic Rhodamine-labeled microtubule extensions (magenta) growing from surface bound Hilyte-647 labeled seeds (blue).  GFP-labeled kinesin motors can be seen accumulating at the tips of the growing microtubules.

Experiment comparing rate of mobility of a STING-paGFP construct in the nuclear envelope and endoplasmic reticulum +/- infection with HSV-1 to stimulate an immune response.  STING-GFP is in the green channel, a control NET-mRFP construct is in the red channel to allow identification of cell structures before stimulation of the photoactivatable GFP.

Single GFP-labeled kinesin motor proteins moving towards the plus tips of surface bound microtubules.  The microtubules are labeled with Hilyte-647 with rhodamine labeled extensions allowing polarity to be determined.