Centre Optical Instrumentation Laboratory

Standard Leica SP5 Equipment Switch On

Mercury Bulb

Switch on Hg Bulb found at the rear of the microscope

Power Buttons

Switch on PC/Microscope, Scanner Power, Laser Power and turn key clockwise until yellow light appears

Software Icon

Start LAS-AF software by clicking this icon on the desktop.

Start Up Splash Screen

1. Ensure Check Configuration = Machine

2. If Machine is not selected click Configuration and select Machine

3. Make sure Resonant Scanner box is not checked if you want conventional confocal

Stage Selector

Click Yes for stage control if you want access to the stage from the Leica software for point visiting etc, otherwise click No

MultiPhoton Switch On

Same steps as above but ensure the following pieces of equipment are turned on


Turn on EOM, found behind the microscope

Mai-Tai Key

Turn on Multi-Photon Power supply interlock

DO NOT turn on/off any other buttons on the Multiphoton power supply box

Open Spectra-Physics Mai-Tai Rev.E Software

Mai-Tai Splash Screen

Select COM Port 3

Mai-Tai Control Panel

1. Select a wavelength for your fluorophore

2. Click On button and hold until the red emission sign appears

3. When power bar stops rising close software but do not shut down laser.

Switch Off Procedure for Leica SP5

Switch off LAS-AF

Shut Down Computer

Sp5 Buttons

1. When computer has shut down press button 1.

2. Shutdown Scan head by pressing button 2

3. Shutdown lasers by turning key to off.

4. Wait 10mins then turn off button 4. Clean objectives during this time