Centre Optical Instrumentation Laboratory

Image Pro Image Analysis Software
Image Processing and Enhancement
Measure Distances and Areas, Track Objects in 2D and 3D, and Measure Intensity
Automatically count and characterise objects
Task automation
Custom written macros for your application are available on discussion with the facility manager
Analysis in 2D and 3D
Metamorph 7
Image Processing and Enhancement
Distance/Area and Intensity measurements, also Tracking in 2D
Journals for repetitive analysis tasks
Analysis in 2D
Image enhancement, filtering, and deblurring
Image analysis, including segmentation, morphology, feature extraction, and measurement
Geometric transformations and intensity-based image registration methods/li>
Image transforms, including FFT, DCT, Radon, and fan-beam projection
Workflows for processing, displaying, and navigating arbitrarily large images
Image Viewer and Video Viewer apps
Deconvolve Widefield, Confocal and Spinning Disk Confocal
Complete suite of 2D and 3D algorithms, including Blind Deconvolution. Adaptive Constrained Iterative methods for fully automated tasks or fixed PSF throughout the sample to compare against similar image sets.
Tools to Improve the PSF by auto detecting and correcting any Spherical Aberration present, remove harmful noise prevalent in Confocal image sets, and ensure your sampling distance is in conformity with the Nyquist Criterion.
Deblurring methods for improving the contrast of an image when quantitative results are not required.


Deconvolve images from Deltavision Elite microscopes
Some analysis tools for line profile and region of interest.
Export images as .tiff, .avi or .dv