Centre Optical Instrumentation Laboratory

ELx808 Absorbance Microplate Reader

Plate Reader


Absorbance from 96 well plates
Available Filters: 405nm, 450nm, 490nm, 562nm, 600nm, 630nm
Dynamic Range: 0 - 4.0 OD
Low and High Speed Shaking
55 User Programmable Protocols
Data analysis, including
  • Data transformation formulas
  • Assay and control validation
  • Curve-fitting options: linear, 4-P, 2-P (logit/log), cubic, quadratic, cubic spline, point-to-point
  • Multiple assays per plate
Fast Kinetics
  • Measurements in intervals as short as 6 seconds
  • Kinetic rate, R2 or onset time reported without needing a PC
Linear well scanning for agglutination assays
4-Zone™ Temperature Control
  • Incubation to 50ºC
  • Improved reproducibility in enzyme kinetic reactions
  • Enhanced uniformity through independently monitored heaters
  • Unique heated track/carrier design for minimal evaporation and edge effect