Centre Optical Instrumentation Laboratory

Leica SP5 Confocal


Leica SP5
Laser lines
  • Diode 405nm (50mW)
  • Argon 458 (5mW), 476 (5mW), 488nm (20mW), 496nm (5mW), 496nm (5mW), 514nm (20mW)
  • DPSS 561nm (10mW)
  • Diode 594nm (2mW)
  • Red HeNe 633nm (25mW)
  • Mai Tai HP Multiphoton Laser (690-1020nm, 3W at 800nm)
  • HCX PLAN APO x20/0.70 imm/corr Lbd.BL
  • HCX PLAN APO x40/0.75 PH2
  • HCX PLAPO x40/1.25 Oil PH3 CS
  • HCX PLAPO x63/1.20 W Corr Lbd.BL
  • HCX PLAPO x63/1.30 GLY
  • HCX PLAPO x63/1.40-0.6 Oil CS
Conventional Scanner
Resonant Scanner
8Kx8K image size
16,000 lines per second
5 Channels (2 x HyD detectors)
25fps at 512x512
Spectral FLIM (Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging)
5 Channels (2 x HyD detectors)
Zoom and Pan function
Zoom and Pan
Spectrometers (All visible wavelengths)
Spectrometers (All visible wavelengths)
Non descanned external detectors for MP
Non descanned external detectors for MP

Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS)
Single Pixel Beam Positioning
Dual Channel For Cross Correlation Studies
Available Filter Sets:
  • GFP/RFP - Band Pass Filters 500-550nm and 607-683nm, Beam Splitter 560nm
  • CFP/YFP - Band Pass Filters 470-500nm and 535-585nm, Beam Splitter 505nm
  • Alexa 488/633 - Band Pass Filters 500-550nm and 647-703nm, Beam Splitter 625nm

Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM)
Multiphoton Laser
1 Internal spectral FLIM detector
1 External filter based detector
Available Filter sets for external detector:
  • RFP - Band Pass 573-647nm
  • GFP - Band Pass 500-550nm
  • DAPI -Band Pass 435-485nm
Single Pixel Decay data
Single or Multiexponential decay analysis

Environmental Chamber
Temperature Stable from Ambient to 50° C
CO2 (1% to 11%) and Humidity Control
Possible to control N2 and O2 concentrations