Centre Optical Instrumentation Laboratory

Spinning Disk Switch On Procedure

1. Switch on Mercury bulb if required

2.Switch on procedure for 488nm laser

A. Switch on Rocker Switch

B. Turn key clockwise to ON position

C. Wait for the yellow READY light to come on

D. Turn POWER dial up to 95% as shown in RELATIVE POWER LCD display.

488 Laser

3.Switch on procedure for 561nm laser

A. Turn key clockwise to position 1

B. Press green LASER ON button

561nm laser

4. Switch on computer.


5. Switch on AOTF


6. Switch on Pifoc (Switch is on rear of box)


7.Switch on Brightfield diode (Switch on rear of box)

Bright Field Illuminator

8.Switch on Spinning Disk Unit (Turn key clockwise until both lights are on)

Spinning Disk

9. Turn on camera cooling, which is on the plug board under the air table.

Camera Cooling

10. On the PC click on the Meta Imaging Series 7.0 directory


11. Select Andor_Camera_Frap

Andor Camera

12. Wait for the software to open and then make sure that the Z position in the tool bar is set to around 0. If you don't set this then you will only get half of any Z-stacks. The button to move the Z position is found on the toolbar within metamorph, see arrow on image below.

Z Position Button